• Sunhawk's Drug Shows Promising Results in Phase-II Clinical Trial for Dry Eye Disease.
  • 2024/4/9
  • Taiwan FDA approved the Phase-II clinical trial for corneal erosion in Sjogren's patients.
  • 2024/4/9
  • DreamHawk Vision Biotech, Inc. had been merged into SunHawk Vision Biotech, Inc. SunHawk Vision is surviving company.
  • 2024/3/14
  • Taiwan FDA approved the Phase-II clinical trial for dry eye disease.
  • 2023/9/6
  • The patent of dry eye treatment was granted in Taiwan, ROC. (Patent Number: I796875)
  • 2023/3/21
  • Thailand FDA approved the Phase-II clinical trial for dry eye disease.
  • 2023/1/5
  • Australia approved to test the novel oligonucleotide drug for a phase2 trial for dry eye disease
  • 2022/10/5
  • Appointing Deloitte to review and audit tax and financial report
  • 2022/9/27
  • 2022 Taipei Biotech Award.
  • 2022/7/7
  • US FDA and Taiwan FDA approved the Phase-I IND in 2021.
  • 2022/5/31
  • Phase 1 Clinical Study was successfully completed 1n 2021.
  • 2022/1/30
  • China Patent Office granted the anti-myopia patent application (Patent Number: CN107922948B)
  • 2021/7/6
  • US FDA approved the IND application for phase I clinical trial in 28 days!
  • 2021/2/26
  • European Patent Office granted the anti-myopia patent application.
  • 2020/11/13
  • 2020 Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs; “Break Out and Soar High” Award
  • 2020/10/20
  • The Founder was selected as an elite in translational science by Taiwan government
  • 2020/2/10
  • The anti-myopia patent was granted in Korea
  • 2019/12/9
  • The anti-myopia patent was granted in Japan
  • 2019/4/26
  • The anti-myopia patent was granted in the USA
  • 2019/1/15
  • The anti-myopia patent was granted in Taiwan, ROC
  • 2017/6/1

Sunhawk Vision
In the early research stage, the research team in the medical schools received generous financial and administrative supports from the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology to develop the proprietary RNA therapy technology and compounds to control myopia progression in pediatric subjects.

With the assistance from the Taiwan Startup Institute, the team established Sunhawk Vision Biotech, Inc., a drug development company, in August 2019. The Company takes over the job from the academic research institute to continue the translation of early R&D results to the final ophthalmic product.

In January 2021, Sunhawk filed the IND to the US FDA for the first-in-human Phase-I trial to test the safety of the newly developed RNA therapeutic eye drops. The IND application received an early approval from the US FDA in February 2021 without any comments/revisions requested by US FDA. The first-in-human Phase-I clinical trial (NCT04928144) was completed in 2021 Q3, and the results showed no drug-related adverse event, high tolerability by the pediatric study subjects. A great therapeutic potential was also suggested.

It is expected that the investigative drug will successfully enter Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials and will enter the global market in next few years.


Dreamhawk Vision
In April 2021, the same research team established Dreamhawk Vision Biotech, Inc. The Company focuses on the research and development of oligonucleotide drugs for ocular diseases other than myopia, based on the RNA therapy platform. Indications that are currently under development include dry eye disease and ocular surface diseases.

Dreamhawk Vision Biotech, Inc recently reported the excellent effect of our oligonucleotide drug, SHJ002, in treating dry eye disease via novel mechanism of action including fast corneal repair, a reduction of corneal apoptosis, improvement of Meibomian gland and an increase of mucin production and secretion. SHJ002 sterile ophthalmic solution, an oligonucleotide drug for RNA therapy, is currently used for a Phase-II trial for dry eye disease (NCT05486728). This Phase-II clinical trial is undergoing in Australia, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Dr. Chung-Ling (Christine) Liang is a founder and the chief medical officer. She received both her medical and PhD degrees from the Chang Gung University in Taiwan. She was also trained in pediatric ophthalmology as her sub-specialty in the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (MEEI)/Harvard Medical School. Dr. Liang served as a senior attending physician at Chang Gung Hospital and Department Chief at Kaohsiung Municipal Hospital. She is the founding Chair of Department of Ophthalmology at Asian University Hospital. She is an associate professor and currently is the Medical Director at Bright Eyes Clinics in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.
  • Dr. Liang
Dr. Suh-Hang Hank Juo is the key inventor of the novel anti-myopia eye drops. He received MD degree from the Kaohsiung Medical University, MS degree from the Harvard University and PhD degree from the Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Suh-Hang Hank Juo finished his post-doc fellowships at Rockefeller University and National Institutes of Health (NIH) USA. He was appointed as an assistant professor and then associate professor at Columbia University. He is an internationally known human geneticist and a board-certified neurologist. He has published more than 190 peer-reviewed SCI papers with citation times more than 7200. He received many awards domestically and internationally. Currently, he is a distinguished professor at the China Medical University in Taiwan.
  • Dr. Hank Juo
2022 Taipei Biotech Award
2022 National Innovation Excelsior Award
Pharmaceutical Technology R&D Award
Future technology award
Public outreach award
Public outreach award
National innovation award
National innovation award
Future technology award
Outstanding research award
Outstanding research award
Future technology award
Break Out and Soar High Award
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